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We are a maintenance option for gardens in Benalmadena with extensive experience in the market and a long history of satisfied customers.

The beauty of a well-kept garden is incomparable. Having one is to have a space of relaxation, enjoyment and absolute comfort, but to achieve this it is a necessary but arduous maintenance task. So, it will require some degree of skill and experience in this process to achieve professional results. For this reason, Ricardo Gardens offers its comprehensive garden maintenance service.

What does it take to have a healthy garden?

Maintaining gardens in Benalmadena is a relatively delicate task for inexperienced hands, but it’s different if you know how to work with them. The climate and resources of the area make these spaces amenable to care. To begin with, this should be done with the use of products as well as appropriate tools. In addition, you cannot forget the aesthetic sense, the visual aspect is of enormous value in every garden.

But to polish the appearance of a garden, you also need to invest time in the elimination of weeds. This is continuous work, because of how quickly they can take over. Their eradication is a constant effort and should not be neglected.

Part of a correct approach is in the proper use of herbicides – if possible ecological – but also in other tools such as an anti-grass mesh.


Mantenimiento Jardines Benalmádena


Pruning Hedges, Palms and Trees in Benalmadena.

Another important aspect in certain gardens are trees, palm trees and hedges. Hedges stand out for having a very elegant and colourful appearance. By having them, the gardens may have plants at their disposal that could well be sculpted with personalised and attractive shapes. But once again, to ensure that they retain the desired shape, constant pruning will be necessary. In this case there are several types of pruning to which a hedge can be subjected. The first is maintenance, which consists of the cutting of new shoots, those that are between 10 cm and 15 cm. Another type of pruning is that of renewal, which consists of pruning once a year. The period in which it tends to be performed is winter, although it may vary depending on the type of hedge or tree being treated, since there are trees or hedges that are slower growing and others that have more intense growth. And finally, there is the radical pruning that means pruning hedges or trees more severely. With this practice, their complete rejuvenation is achieved.

Fertiliser and prevention of pests.

Likewise, the garden compost should be mentioned as another of the fundamental aspects to having a healthy and well maintained garden. For fertilising, the ideal time to do so corresponds to the time period of the end of winter through to the beginning of autumn. If an organic fertilizer is also used, plants will be much more nourished by elements such as magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur. It is also advisable to add fertiliser regularly throughout the year.

The prevention of pests or diseases must also be taken into account in any garden maintenance service. This is a task that should be performed as routine in gardens and one of the most effective ways to prevent pests or diseases is in the use of good fertiliser and irrigation.

Benalmadena Maintenance Gardener

That is why if you are looking for a garden maintenance company in Benalmadena or a maintenance gardener in Benalmadena in Ricardo Gardens you will have us at your disposal. We have more than 15 years’ experience and a wide portfolio of clients including individuals, communities and companies on the Costa del Sol.

We have extensive experience in the sector, at the same time we have a team with a great passion and knowledge about the world of gardening, which is why we guarantee a professional service. We meet all the needs of a garden, in all seasons, whether on a garden design or reform to phytosanitary treatment and automatic irrigation.

The best thing is that we offer high quality services at an affordable price for most budgets. We are willing to make a difference for the better in any garden entrusted to us.

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